Online foal show

Due to the corona crisis, we had to do things differently and organized an online show for the first time in December 2020 where we introduced our new crop of draft horse foals and presented the sires, the stallions to you. And the years later followed the next shows with some exclusive behind the scenes footage. You can see the shows on this page.

Foals 2023
The newest crop of foals is reaching the age to continue on their own, the first ones have already been weaned and are already back outside. Soon we will present to you our foal collection 2023 and this year it will be exclusively through our newsletter!

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Show 2022

In anticipation, watch the 2020 show again:

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Show 2021

In the show:

  • Introduction & foals from last year's show
  • 47 foals and yearlings
  • Veterinary inspection of young stallions
  • Breeding season: AI center
  • Foaling, weaning & rearing