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At this page you find some the Belgian Draft Horse youngsters of Studfarm Van Langenhove. Young horses, yearlings and future stallions. Some of our young draft horses are for sale. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a Belgian Brabant Draft Horse foal or older horse.
Our Belgian Draft Horse youngsters

The Belgian draft horse, Brabant horse, Belgisch Trekpaard, European Belgian, Brabançon, Belgium draught horse, Brabant draft,... are all names for this worldwide known breed originating from Belgium. Its tall and massive stature makes it one of the strongest breeds, used for work and also gaining popularity as riding and show horses.

Studfarm Van Langenhove is one of the biggest and most successful studfarms of Belgian ‘Brabant’ Draft Horses in Belgium and the Netherlands. Every year a number of foals are purchased with eye to the future and/or are sold on behalf of our client-breeders. Below you find some of our youngsters.

Our colts born 2021

Udo • Bay roan colt


Trojaan • Bay roan colt


Gaston • Bay roan colt


Pilou • Blue roan colt


Isidoor • Bay roan colt


Patron • Bay roan colt


Our colts born 2020

Fabian • Blue roan colt °2020


Pat • Bay roan colt


Gaston • Bay roan colt °2020


Older Brabant draft horses for sale

Blue roan Mare
Dina • Blue roan Mare


Belgian Draft Horses for sale

Are you looking for a Belgian Brabant Draft Horse? Above you find a selection of some horses. Don't hesitate to ask if you are looking for something in particular; most likely one of our breeders/clients might be able to help. We are here to assist with transport and guide you through all the steps needed to get your horse safely to your home.

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