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Studfarm Van Langenhove is one of the biggest and most successful studfarms of Belgian ‘Brabant’ Draft Horses in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the last 35 years Studfarm Van Langenhove delivered over 10 times the National Champion stallion/mare. Every season high-quality stallions are standing at stud and breeders can count at a flawless service.

Stallions at stud 2021


van 't Langhof

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van 't Rietenhof

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van 't Roetaart

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Stan van de Voshoek


van de Voshoek

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Studfarm Belgian 'Brabant' Draft Horses

Eddy Van Langenhove took over the studfarm from his father Arthur. He became the pioneer in AI breeding in Belgian draft horses. Years of experience offer an outstanding service to breeders.

Quality always comes first when choosing the stallions which will stand at stud. A good conformation with powerful movements and a good bloodline are the main qualities that characterize the stallions of Studfarm Van Langenhove.

Every year a number of foals are purchased with an eye to the future. In this way Studfarm Van Langenhove follows the development of the horses from an early age and a continuous strict selection is made before the stallions are used for breeding.

Hengstenfolder 2021

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Online foal show 2020

Livestream 6 December 2020. Due to the corona crisis it was not possible to organise competitions or other events at the end of 2020, so that’s why things had to be done differently. In an online show we presented about 30 foals and yearling colts and our stallions: Gamin van de Lindehoef, Matteo van ‘t Rietenhof and Jim van ‘t Roetaart. If you have missed it, you can watch it again below:

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After the overwhelming response we will most-likely do another online show in autumn 2021! Let us know if you are looking for a specific type of foal so we can keep it in mind when selecting foals in the summer.