In 2022 Studfarm Van Langenhove is at the start of its 40th breeding season! Reason enough to pause and make a short review of a full past.

Times have changed in those 40 years. Changed hard. As an 18-year-old, I started 40 years ago with the stallions on the truck. Souvenir van Boekel was the first one I drove around with. Then there was the rise of artificial insemination and in 1990 Studfarm Van Langenhove was the first recognized AI center within the breeding of the Belgian draft horse.
The maze of insemination unraveled and from then on it was instead of hitting the road with the truck: with the cool box in the trunk of the car!

Eddy Van Langenhove & Souvenir
Eddy Van Langenhove

A big adjustment, also for the breeders who in the beginning still liked to see the stallion, but fortunately common sense and the awareness of the benefits regarding safety and health quickly prevailed.

Hundreds of miles were covered every day for years. Hundreds of foals were born every year. However, the traffic jams of the last ten years have become unbearable and for the last four years we have only been working with semen that is sent or picked up, or the mares come to us at the center.

Quite an evolution if you summarize it that way. One thing has always remained a constant: quality and service.

Big thanks to all the breeders who have put their trust in our stallions all these years. Big thanks to all the studfarms and owners we work with. Together we are going to make it another top breeding season!

Kind regards,
Eddy Van Langenhove

Our champions

" It is a very beautiful profession, but without passion you can't keep it up "

Listen to the podcast "Beginning with Heritage" from about 40 years of keeping stallions, the changing market and trade, about working with AI, about blood lines and the evolution of the Belgian draft horse.
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